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 Organizational Structure
Human Resources

Shengbao people shall: set up correct outlook for life and values; advocate the characters of hard work, enterprising, persistent study, innovation, constant improvement of technique, and honest; be collective,believing in that unity is strength; always strive for creating the first-class team and the harmonious and vigorous team atmosphere fit for study. People are the most active factor in the productive force and the root of the enterprise. To construct corporate culture and enhance soft power of the enterprise, we must start from improving the quality of people. To grow up, the enterprise must focus on people, realize cohesive force and set up common dreams, so as to improve the culture construction by enhancing the comprehensive qualities of employees, and enhance the soft power through employees’ progress. The enterprise shall pay attention to both the inside and outside, so as to grow up and adapt to the severe competition in the market.

Recruiting talents