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 Organizational Structure

The steel-making factory sets up five sections and seven workshops, including 150 technicians. The factory has one 900t metal mixer, four 80t basic oxygen furnaces, five billet casters with the specifications of 6-machine-6-stream, 5-machine-5-stream and 4-machine-4-stream, supported by one 10,000Nm³/h oxygen generators and four 13,000Nm³/ h oxygen generators, six 150T blast furnace gas and four 300T blast furnace gas, converter gas burning active lime shaft kilns, with the annual production capacity of 4.5 million tons of steels.

Recently, through constantly improving technical progress and accelerating technical structure adjustment, the steelmaking factory has established the technical routes for converter smelting and caster pouring. The products focus on straight carbon steel. The steel-making factory has applied new technology and materials constantly. For example, the converter adopts the advanced slag splashing technology, and cutting-edge techniques like stopper full-protection pouring are applied to the caster.

At present, the steel-making factory is striving for building a garden-like civilized factory with high-quality converter smelting and clean production.